Be Prepared

Reasons to Visit

Reasons as to why you should embark on this spiritual journey from a religious point-of-view

What to Bring

A comprehensive list of items to bring that balance efficiency and feasibility compiled by experienced pilgrims

Medical Advice

Various medical tips and advice for all pilgrims looking to take part in the walk and how to prevent major issues

Sponsor a Pilgrim

If you cannot physically make it out this year or would simply like to help a pilgrim, please donate here

Our Group

If you are interested in partaking in the upcoming Arbaeen Walk in Iraq, but don’t have anyone to go with

Useful Arabic Phrases

Take a look at this list of common phrases that will give you independence to hold your own


Hear About the Experience

Sister Hawra

Year: 2018 Narrative: On the Arbaeen Walk, I felt like every step that I took, every action that I did to move towards Karbala -- everything around me, on a physical level and on a soul level -- had a clear goal and was truly for the Imam. I don’t mean that I was...

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Brother Sajjad

Year: 2018 Narrative: I was lucky to have been invited by Sayed al Shohada previously but never for Arbaeen. This year I was invited along with my family. Initially, you have some plans and coordination but you don’t know what to expect on this trip. I had gone to...

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Sister Khadija

Year 2018 Narrative: I was thinking today, you really it’s like you’re experiencing the Zuhoor (the coming of the 12th Imam), In some ways you feel, this is the Zuhoor, and you’re experiencing it. You see people, from various races, different socio-economic...

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Would you like to sponsor a pilgrim?

Unfortunately not everyone might be able to make it out this year due to financial diffculties, please consider making a donation to sponsor a pilrgrim.